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My name is Lisette van Hulst and I live in a tiny apartment in Bloemendaal. This photo, however, was taken in Rotterdam, on the eve of a presentation workshop for PhD candidates of the Sophia Children’s Hospital, Erasmus MC. I’m on the balcony of one of the best rooms of hotel New York because I unexpectedly received an upgrade, which gave me this amazing view of the city and the port. Hence the smile!

I’m happy to say that virtually all my clients are similarly amazed and pleased with the upgrade their writing skills receive in my courses. They also enjoy the new outlook they get on their work when they realize that to be effective in scientific writing, they must allow themselves to be proud of their own achievements. 

In my courses, I use a structure-oriented approach to writing that is particularly suited for scientists, even for those who think that they have no talent for writing or language whatsoever. You’ll be amazed!


I founded Text and Training in 2009 because I discovered that medical residents needed support in clearly and confidently reporting their research in scientific English. Since then, I have supported hundreds of students, PhD candidates and experienced scientists to describe their research and to formulate their conclusions in a clear and convincing way.

My support ranges from editing papers to teaching scientists how to structure, formulate and submit their papers and how to convey their research results in compelling presentations. 

In this work, I use my experience as a journalist, editor and teacher and everything I learned about logical argumentation and writing when I studied Philosophy and English at Leiden University. Incidentally, I even use my life experience to remind participants of the overall purpose of life: to enjoy every moment, even if the going gets tough. Just contact me if you need help!